Molly Culligan performs

Meridel Le Sueur's one person play,  RIPENINGS

a girl in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota during The Great Depression
Molly Culligan Productions
Molly Culligan reads

Molly Culligan's own poetry, leaning toward Argentine tango

Meridel Le Sueur short stories

Short stories and poems by Irish James Stephens

Molly Bloom, by James Joyce

The Raggedy Man by James Whitcomb Riley

Mostly Minnesota poets, adult version and children version.

From The Autobiography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Dr. King's
commentary on his responsibility to his Nobel Peace Prize to speak out
against the Vietnam War and for a true revolution of values in our country.  


Molly Culligan coaches
what it takes to present one's self effectively
on the stage or on the podium
Molly Culligan actor director coach
one-to-one coaching
  • elocution
  • business presentation
  • social etiquette
  • singing
  • acting
  • audition monologues
  • one person plays
  • speeches
  • sermons
Molly Culligan directs:
  • one person plays
  • duos
  • small groups
  • dance productions
  • mime
Molly Culligan on YouTUBE

Molly Culligan performed in a Youtube vignette recently. This is a beautiful
piece, produced by an English production team. It's a haunting foreshadow
of things to come for all of us - all too soon for Molly. Enjoy.