Molly Culligan Productions
Upcoming events featuring Molly Culligan:

Molly Culligan performs:

2012 Bloomsday Celebration
(Reading by Writers Series)

Tuesday, June 19,
The Saint Paul University Club.
420 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102
Phone:  651 222 1751

Recent performance: Saving the Earth performance
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Molly Culligan offers:

Meridel Le Sueur's Ripenings, a one person play.

  • Molly Culligan's poetry, leaning toward the Argentine Tango
  • Irish James Stephens' short stories and poems.
  • Mostly Minnesota Poets, adult and children's versions
  • James Whitcomb Riley,  Rhymes of Childhood, such as The
    Raggedy Man
  • Meridel Le Sueur's short stories, Harvest and In the Dark of the
  • Meridel Le Sueur's, College of Saint Benedict Lumen Vitae
    Award acceptance speech.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break
    Silence.   Dr. King's commentary on his responsibility to honor
    his Nobel Peace Prize and speak out against the Vietnam War; to
    speak for a true revolution of values.
  • Molly Bloom's soliloquy from James Joyce,  Ulysses
  • The Woman at the Well.  An endearing reading of the gospel.