Molly Culligan Productions
About Molly Culligan

Molly Culligan's creative illumination of my novel THE GIRL is a rare
experience in the transformation of one art form into another, a miracle. To
convey the many dimensional concepts of a life in a one person play is a
rare art. Her performances are hailed as deep experiences in the concept of
women and their role in a patriarchal society.

To present sexuality in a way which evokes in the audience an awareness of
deep human joy and compassion is a remarkable accomplishment in an era
accustomed to titillation. We are richer for having lived with Culligan for
an hour, worth a month of classroom lectures.

Colman O'Connell, OSB. President and Drama Professor
College of Saint Benedict

Dear Molly,
You performed Ripenings  thirty years ago with Meridel at the Kansas
City Writers Conference. I've never forgotten. I want you to perform for my
English Lit. class.


Professor Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota
Chair, Department of English.
Samuel Russell Chair in the Humanities

Unfortunately the Atlantic has become a cultural divide. Meridel Le Sueur
crosses divides, Minnesota is Ireland. Her people are of the world without
frontiers facing the same struggles. RIPENINGS reminded me forcibly that we
are not nations but simply and joyfully, people.

Britta Smith, actress
Dublin, Ireland

Rapport rarely had it so good.  Molly Culligan takes us through prairie and
city, from childhood to enduring maturity. Vivid early impressions of a
growing consciousness, parental death, the burgeoning of sexual emotion
and later its fulfilment in the realities of birth and premature widowhood. A
woman oppressed by, but not hostile to the world of men. Universality is
sealed by the warmth of Ms. Culligan's performance filling Trinity Players
Theatre with images that evoke recognition and sympathy.

Gerry Colgan
The Irish Times, Dublin